Congruence - ILikeYourWorkPodcast

I was thrilled to have my painting “Coming Home” accepted to the

ILikeYourWork Podcast  - Summer exhibition “CONGRUENCE

A juried show curated by gallerist, Bridgette Mayer. 



To be congruent means to be in harmony, agreement, and compatibility.

The artists I selected from this recent call for I Like Your Work
Podcast Summer Juried Exhibition had a high degree of personal
congruence that stood out.  I found that many of them had harmony in
their portfolios and how they presented their work for the call to art.

Being an artist is a lifetime process. It means constant evolution and
honing of one’s skillsets for the mediums and methods of artmaking.  The
500+ applicants gave me the challenge to call out who was meeting that
challenge now as a creative.

I got to review portfolios from around the United States and abroad, see
wonderful ideas and processes in action and appreciate the incredible
amount of diversity that is available in how someone decides how to make
art and what their artwork is really about.  I saw many refreshing
ideas including weaving with street posters and working with color and
color combinations that were stunning.

Many of the artists had ideas that were energizing and thought-provoking
and some of them literally took me away as I wondered if they were
exploring imagery from memory, imagination, or their backyard or

It was a pleasure to get to know all of you through what you shared and I
congratulate the accepted works and urge those who had works that were
not selected to stay the course and keep making art!

Bridgette Mayer

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