Jessica Dunn - British artist in Portugal

Abstract Landscapes

"My latest work has transitioned from the figurative to a more abstract impression of land, sea and sky, influenced by the elements, intense sunlight and the drama of the landscape, which is constantly shifting and changing. I try to capture an impression of its transient nature, working across the canvas from dark to light, layer-by-layer, brushing on, scraping off, over and over as a colour-mood develops and a story begins to emerge. Tonal layering creates an impression of distance and depth and a focal point appears organically, drawing the viewer in. Working on several pieces at a time, moving from one to the other with fluidity and energy, a rhythm develops…. For me it´s about the paint and the expressive marks created, which gradually evolve into something familiar, an imagined or remembered landscape, a sea, a sky or just a feeling. The visual experience becomes an emotive one, an illusion of being immersed in nature, reflective and timeless, of walking into a painting and feeling lifted."

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